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Payroll processing is an interesting topic that is gaining rapid attention in today’s accounting industry. This niche area calls for highly trained resources to handle job intricacies and to adhere to strict timelines as drawn by the client and statutory authorities governing and relating to payroll. With over 15 years to our credit ABS has gained immense knowledge and practical exposure which we impart to train fresher’s and professional in this area to become experts in handling payroll challenges. With wide job opportunities in the payroll BPO sector we nurture young talents to be compliance savvy and numbers smart through latest available software exclusively for payroll. We give hands on live exposure to payroll data simultaneously making one adaptive to excel, word and various statutory laws governing and inter related to payroll. Come join us to an enriching future filled with exciting career opportunities.
Get trained by experienced professionals who can make a positive impact to create value out of your learning experience. Join our Payroll Academy today to reap the benefits tomorrow.

Join us and enter into a new aspiring and interesting career!